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Robert Torres is a solo artist based out of Texas. He’s been playing guitar for the last 7 years. Always thinking of
himself as a behind the scenes kind of guy, he took it no
further than that – until now. He is a writer and composer of
melodic instrumentals that the music industry desperately
needs right now. His music is a breath of fresh air.

In listening to his songs one would wonder why it took him
so long. His talent is extremely clear and the ability to hold
that interest in an audience is evident from the very first
note. His voice and storylines are transformed through his
guitar. Whether acoustic or hard electric guitar the emotion
and the drama shines through in every instance. Robert
Torres is proud to announce the release of his single “Lovers
Scorned”. As an instrumentalist, Robert took a step outside
his comfort zone and collaborated with a wonderful vocalist
to help tell the tale of two people who have been hurt so
badly in the past and bringing their past into new
relationships. The addition of vocals adds a new dimension
to his overall sound and is a prime example of the versatility
of this amazing artist. This particular song is as simplistic as
it is complex. Vocals, acoustic guitar and a power of a
storyline created a glorious song.

Robert Torres brings stories to audiences through his
musical compositions. It is the audience that creates the
image and the story to connect with the music. Songs such
as “Up and Down” is a prime example of this sensation and
the effect on the brain creating calm and peace – for me

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